ISO9001 certified

Installation speakers 100 volt


Design Hi-Fi speakers

Invisible speakers

WATERFALL High End speakers

ARTSOUND Hi-Fi speakers

COMMUNITY professional speakers

Speakers components


Public Address systems


Voice Alarm Evacuation systems EN54


Voice alarm evacuation systems for ships TYPE APPROVAL


Radio Design Labs RDL


amplifiers, preamplifiers, mixers, music sources


Power sound systems

microphones, in ear monitoring


audio processors


Portable PA systems


Sound masking


audio over ip


Stereo and audio/video amplifiers


Audio Video multiroom systems


High Definition video streaming


Projectors, screens,  Home Cinema

TV lift mechanisms


AGATH Glass Televisions


Home and office automations


arthur holm


conference systems


Wireless conference systems


simultaneous interpretation systems


interpretation cabins


Wireless voting systems

CCTV security systems

Electronic clock systems

multimedia switches


LED displays

Pharmacy crosses, opticians displays

Sports scoreboards

LED Video walls


Queuing systems


People counting system


Client - cashier communication

Digital intercom systems


wireless paging systems

Nurse calling system

Professional lighting

Museum guide systems

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