ISO9001 certified

AGATH custom made GLASS TVs



AGATH is a French designer and manufacturer of high quality custom LED televisions.

The company is dedicated to technology and only has the ambition to offer you the very best image, irrespective of your requirements or limitations. The possibilities are virtually unlimited as custom systems are AGATH speciality!

Α.B.A.S company is the exclusive distributor of AGATH in Greece and has installed its systems to numerous installations.

agath2The custom televisions come to sizes from 18" up to 82" and they are ideal for any room as LIVING ROOM, LOUNGE, BEDROOM, KITCHEN, etc.

Waterproof televisions are also available for use in BATHROOM, SAUNAS, YACHTS, etc.

There is a variety of finishes to choose from:

  • Mirror  
  • Anti Glare  
  • In-wall   On-wall  
  • Touchscreen


AGATH televisions can also be used as HOTEL-TVs as they utilize a major innovation that simplifies the incorporation of IP television systems in bathrooms or for mirror televisions in bedrooms.

They operate in PAL, SECAM, DK, NTSC and have stereo sound NICAM and programmable EQ.

The inputs are SCART, composite, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, DVI and it is Full HD 1080p/24. It has teletext and is ideal for multiroom applications.



In addition to many private installations, AGATH products are installed at top-class hotels, such as:

George V or Shangri La, in Paris, Strato, Cheval Blanc, Saint-Roch or Les Suites de la Potinières, in Courchevel, Nevada in Tignes, Avenue Lodge in Val d'Isère, Majestic in Cannes, Monaco Beach, Sofitel in Marseille and in Cairo, Bab in Marakech...


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