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COMMUNITY professional loudspeakers


COMMUNITY loudspeakers based in Chester, PA in the US, is one of the leading manufacturers of speakers with thousands of installations worldwide.

COMMUNITY Professional

Α.B.A.S, as the representative of COMMUNITY products in Greece offers you its high quality products.


COMMUNITY speakers provide great sound throughout the frequency range with high clarity in the mid and high frequencies and high intensities SPL loud passages in music program without distortion, which is required for audio systems covering business facilities such as bar, café, club, etc.

COMMUNITY speakers have the DYNA-TECH PROTECTION SYSTEM, which directly protects the speakers from high volumes and too transient peaks without being destroyed, leaving only the speaker to operate at maximum dynamic range.

community loudspeakers


COMMUNITY speakers have heavy duty units and provide very high volumes that you can see on the specification sheets with very high sensitivities SPL dB / 1Watt / 1m, comparing with other manufacturers' specifications occupational schemes.
COMMUNITY is also dedicated to provide customer with honest real-world specification data. 


community loudspeakers installations

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