ISO9001 certified

Electronic clock systems

westerstrand-logoΕlectronic clock systems with digital control centers by WESTERSTRAND Sweden.

All the systems are 100% made in Sweden and they are ideal for:

  • One side wall mounting
  • Two side clock wall mounting
  • One or two sided ceiling mounting
  • Special clock for use in sterile environments like surgeries in hospitals etc.


slideshow1dThe clocks can be in analogue format with 30 or 40 cm diameter or they can be of electronic format with hours, minutes, and seconds. They are all centrally controlled and synchronised by impulse, GPS radiofrequency or NTP server.


They are installed at buildings, train / bus stations, airports, office complexes, exhibition places, hospitals, schools, banks, hotels, prisons, etc.




Custom made clocks are also available in various sizes and shapes for indoor / outdoor installation for building faces, malls, etc. in modern and special shapes etc. 


WESTERSTRAND engineers can provide technical assistance to architects or designers for any custom clock, regardless of design, material and size. 







clocks11 clock1

Analogue clocks, single or double face with hour, minutes and seconds indicators.


clock3 clocks4
Analogue clocks, single or double face with hour, minutes and seconds indicators and LED backlight 


clocks7 clocks6

Wallmount analogue clocks for external use, IP65, with hour and minutes indicators. 


combi-chrono clocks8 clocks10 

aurea alpha lumex lumexIP65

Wall mount digital clocks for indoor / outdoor with hour, minutes, seconds and date indication or combined analogue clock with digital chronometer for usage in surgeries etc. 


central central2

 Central devices for the clocks stand alone or rack mount. 



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