ISO9001 certified

High Definition video streaming


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The Media Client by HOME Innovation is a gateway to accessing thousands of movies, music and pictures.
Everyone in the family can use it. This simplicity belies ability and power that is unrivalled by any other product.

home innovation 2It is a device designed to make life better and easier. It does in the home what the iPod does on the street.
The Media Client is a small, nearly silent consumer appliance that can sit underneath a TV. It is connected to the network and to the TV or A/V receiver and supports browsing and playback of digital content.



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The digital content can exist on any network-attached storage (NAS) or you can import content from CD, DVD or Blu-ray directly onto the NAS.

Also, the Media Client will discover and access all content already stored on any NAS.




home innovation 4All of this 'discovered' content is automatically titled with appropriate cover-art and information, and presented in the form of a unique Media Library that is designed for use by everyone in the family. 

Now that your Audio and Movie Libraries are full of content, you can instantly play them back wherever you want, whenever you want.





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