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Home and office automation



Crestron combines all the home and office automation systems in order to communicate intelligently and make their handling easy and simple. It involves much more than just control lighting and shading.

Modern facilities must combine lighting, air conditioning, shading, entertainment, security, and more into a single platform.
Only Crestron provides end-to-end control solutions built from the ground up, truly integrated technology systems automation.
The result is a single system that offers an incredible experience.



At Home

You do not need many remotes just to watch TV or a wall filled with switches and buttons to control the lights in the lounge.
Take control of your home with just one touch of a button from a stylish touch screen Crestron, or device iPad, iPhone or Android. Select a movie to watch or to enjoy the music you want.
Adjust the lights, shadows and temperature and check your alarm system without getting out of bed.
The possibilities are endless! Whatever you can imagine Crestron can do.




At office

Whether you need to make an AV presentation or teleconferencing, Crestron control systems help you to stay connected.

Watch your business increase its sustainability by monitoring its carbon footprint to see how much energy you use in each area, and how you can continue to reduce energy costs. Add room sensors and presets to control the shading and use only the lights they need.

There are no restrictions to use your company cutting edge technology, with increased performance and lower operating costs.


crestron home automation


crestron yacht



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