ISO9001 certified

Interpretation booths - Speech timers

ΑBAS, with more than 30 years experience in conference and simultaneous translation solutions, has solutions that will cover the most demanding conference.



MULTI CAISSES is a company based in Canada with experience in the construction of professional floor standing portable interpretation booths. 

  • Meets and surpass ISO-4043 standards with certification.
  • Suitable for 2 or 3 interpreters.
  • Available models in grey or wood colors.
  • Consist of 10 panels (for 2 persons) of 13 panels (for 3 persons)
  • Delivered on heavy duty transport cases with wheels.
  • Booths are delivered with 2 low noise (38dB) ventilation units and removable working table.
  • Cabins are manufactured from light weight and sound proofed panels.
  • Assembly time of the booths is within 10 min with no special tools required.
  • Dimensions 170 x 174 x 195cm (W x D x H) for 2 persons, 257 x 174 x 195cm (W x D x H) for 3 persons
  • Optional table top model for 2 persons with dim 120 x 61 x 61 cm (W x D x H) and carrying bag.
MULTI CAISSES Whisper interpreter booth MULTI CAISSES Messenger interpreter booth MULTI CAISSES Wooden interpreter booth

Booth for 3 persons

Booth for 2 persons

Booth with wooden cover

MULTI CAISSES Whisper interpreter booth MULTI CAISSES Porta pack interpreter booth MULTI CAISSES interpreter booth

Booth interior

Tabletop booth for 2 persons

Transport and storage case 



When time counting is required, table top or wall mounted COUNT UP / DOWN timers are available with wired or wireless control. 

conference countdown timer conference countup timer conference solutions

COUNT UP timer


Remote control



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