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WATERFALL - glass high end speakers


The highly original use of glass for the loudspeakers imposed to rethink the various techniques used in the industry. The continuous search for ultimate performance and beautiful design has led WATERFALL to major innovations and a state of the art manufacturing process.

From conception to finished product, Waterfall loudspeakers achieve a fine balance between hand craftsmanship and the use of the highest precision machines to guarantee the very best performances.

Whether you are looking for a floor standing, "on Wall" or "In Wall" loudspeaker, you'll find a perfect solution in the Waterfall range. Each model has been designed to give you the very best performances on your favourite music and films with unprecedented design that blends perfectly into any interior. Our products are for those in search of a very special "Lifestyle". Just imagine a Loudspeaker and Home-Cinema system that will blend into any interior and enhance your way of life.



Niagara NIAGARABest Design

Dramatic style, luxury at every level!

47" towers of exclusive diamond glass, a specially engineered horn tweeter, solid aluminium parts, hand stitched Nappa leather inclusions, Niagara is a sophisticated blend of craftsmanship and innovative technology delivering rich, natural and open sound beyond expectations.







victoria1 VICTORIA EVO

Prestigious and elegant, delivering a breath taking dynamic and pure sound.

Let the magic of pure sound surround you: your favourite CD's and films will bring you new emotions. The Victoria EVO can perfectly reproduce the entire frequency range without the help of a subwoofer.

Exceptional Hi- Fi Speakers, they can be teamed with our Hurricane Satellite Range, to create 5.1 and 7.1 Home Cinema Packs, giving formidable performances with unequalled elegance and discretion.







Prestigious & elegant, delivering breathtakingly dynamic and "full bodied' sound".

Exceptional Hi Fi speakers, they can also be teamed with our satellites and subwoofers, to create home cinema packs, giving formidable performance with unequalled elegance and discretion.





Clearly, no hidden secrets.

"On wall" concept, the slim Hurricane satellite employed with the new Hurricane subwoofer, reaches amazing performance levels with minimum space requirement.

The subtle combination of glass, aluminum, new technology and major innovations provides our Hurricane System with an exceptional acoustic performances, while requiring minimum space.


hurricane 2   WATERFALL3   WATERFALL6

elora ELORA Centrale et L.R

Beautifully sculptured with a thick double sheet of glass and solid aluminium structure.

Designed for use as a centre speaker with Igurascu "Evo" or Victoria "Evo" for Home Cinema, it is also available in a vertical satellite version (LR), enabling an exceptional Audio / Video performance and avant-garde design.





serio1 SERIO

Clear perfection, extremely compact, stylish and performing, made of Glass and aluminium, this "on wall" mini satellite has its own wall bracket, and shelf stands, but optional Glass and metal tall stands can be purchased. Surround yourself in Style for both Hi Fi and Home Cinema.






hf High Force

With High Force, the new generation of Waterfall subwoofers, comes the ideal solution for an elegant yet efficient Audio Video, Hi Fi system. These subwoofers deliver a low frequency punch that is accurate, sharp, full of impact and depth. Each model of the range is unique within its category. Also avaliable in black!



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