ISO9001 certified

LED scoreboards for sports

LED sports scoreboards by WESTERSTRAND Sweden.


All the systems are 100% made in Sweden, designed according to the International Sports Federations specifications and they are suitable for indoor and outdoor sports. 

  • Indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, taekwondo, judo, karate, etc.
  • Outdoor sports such athletics, tennis, swimming, beach volley, etc.

The electronic LED scoreboards by WESTERSTRAND incorporate the latest LED technology which guarantees high performance and excelent viewing even from big distances. 

The LED scoreboards and the timing systems by WESTERSTRAND are being used in many World, European and National Champinonships for basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, wrestling, etc.

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scoreboards 03 scoreboard3

LED electronic scoreboards for multiple sports with indications for score, game time, team names, etc. 


scoreboards 07 Mod7-spelarnr-small BasicSkottklockorFIBA
Additional modules for the scoreboards with extra information such as shoot timers, individual player fauls, penalty time, etc.




LED scoreboards for tennis games with indication for 3-5 sets, player names, etc. according to Davis Cup specifications. 



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