ISO9001 certified

TELEVIC wireless conference systems

Confidea features a powerful combination of technologies, developed by TELEVIC engineers with years of experience in the development of highly reliable wireless conference systems.

Televic conference The Confidea wireless conference system is making use of state-of-the-art Quad-Band wireless technologies, fault-tolerant error correcting protocols and advanced encryption algorithms.

With systems operational in nearly 60 countries, Confidea is the most robust and secure wireless conference system available on the market today.

The Confidea system has built-in web control that can be accessed from any PC, laptop, table or smartphone using a standard (mobile) internet browser. Via the built-in web pages you are in full control of the system.

The built-in AES encryption, combined with the proprietary communication protocol and access control, offers 3 layers of security and confidentiality at a level not seen in any product of this class.

TELEVIC CONFIDEA wireless televic wireless televic wireless conference

Wireless tabletop conference unit

Wireless tabletop conference unit with CardID

Delegate microphones

televic wireless conference televic wireless conference televic wireless conference

Private bank in Turkey

Sonepat University

Thai parliament

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