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Wireless voting systems IVS

what is ivs

The Interactive Voting System (IVS) offers to someone the potential to make an interactive presentation which will gain more participation from the audience.
By doing this a better contact between presenter and listeners can be achieved. The participant in a meeting can respond to the questions that are posed by the presenter and the presenter can respond to this back. In this way interaction is created between presenter and his audience. Instead of listening in a passive way to the presenter the audience turns into active participants.



The IVS is a network of keypads and a receiver that communicate wireless. Identification of each keypad can be done by chip card or by the number of each keypad. The keypads send their information to the receiver. The receiver collects the information and sends it to the computer. In the computer software all data is saved and programmed in easy to interpret diagrams.


Presenting the results can be done by any means of projection (e.g. projectors, plasma or video-wall).



lite keypadThe size of a group can be in the range of 5 to more than 4000 people. IVS is available in different versions: one RF wireless version, one wired version and one wired in-wall version specifically built for lecture theatres and other applications.





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