Motorized Retractable Monitors for meeting and conference rooms.

ARTHUR HOLM is a leading European manufacturer of high quality motorized retractable and fixed monitors. The company has an inspired product range providing materials with innovative design, flexibility and personalization.

ARTHUR HOLM products such as motorized retractable monitors that can be foldable, rotating, single and double sided, provide solutions in conference and meeting rooms with excellent finishes, robust construction and 100% customization, according to customer requirements.

In addition to monitors, ARTHUR HOLM is a pioneer in the design of other audiovisual devices used in conference and conference rooms, such as a motorized lifting system for gooseneck conference microphones, and special microphones with electrical concealment on the table.

All products can be operated in many ways, such as directly on the device, via smartphone / tablet application or with CRESTRON automation system, providing flexibility and service as it is possible to open and close all the monitors or microphones of the room, only by pressing a single button!

You have the choice of unique elegant, flexible, energy efficient and ergonomic products, used in the most prestigious meeting rooms, reception areas, parliaments, senates, institutes and design hotels around the world providing the ability to optimize space.

Motorised monitors

Motorised monitors for furniture integration

Manual monitors

Manual monitors for furniture integration


Motorized and Retractable Monitors Applications

  • Conference rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Institutions
  • Hotels
  • Reception areas
  • Interpreter booths
  • Huddle rooms
  • Courtrooms

Why Choose ABAS

Our 40-year experience and expertise, partnered with technical support teams and the use of cutting edge technology, guarantees that ABAS will provide you with reliable systems and products that can meet all the requirements of the largest and most complex projects.

ABAS, alongside its fully dedicated and specialized department will take over and carry out your project from A to Z. Our team will design the system, supply, install and configure the products and commit to constant after sales support in order to give you the ideal solution, tailor-made to your specific type of business and budget our team. Always taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each system, ABAS will provide excellent results wherever needed.