Loudspeakers are the means to communicate with the public, both for music reproduction and speech at buildings, conference rooms, clubs, bars, transport or sport installations. Loud, clear and intelligible sound is required.

Αll loudspeakers made by COMMUNITY provide great sound throughout the frequency range with high clarity in the mid and high frequencies and high intensities SPL loud passages in music program without distortion.

The professional loudspeakers by COMMUNITY can be installed in bars, coffee shops, meeting rooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, hotels, athletic venues, metro and train stations, airports, outdoor installations, etc, ships, public buildings, houses of worship.. Etc

ABAS is the exclusive representative for Greece and Cyprus, of COMMUNITY PROFESSIONAL LOUDSPEAKERS USA, a leading American developer and manufacturer of innovative loudspeaker systems with 50 years of experience in loudspeaker manufacturing. They have shaped the professional sound industry over the last decades.

Outdoor Loudspeakers

COMMUNITY weatherproof models, give “indoor quality sound” in outdoor installations. Outdoor speaker models provide legendary vocal intelligibility and music performance standards, utilizing horn-loaded designs that have excellent pattern control, providing very high efficiency and output for all of the drivers that can withstand the challenges of extreme conditions.

  • R SERIES Full bandwidth, versatile high output music, voice and paging solutions for outdoor and indoor venues of any size or configuration.
  • W SERIES High fidelity, front loaded systems for medium distances and distributed applications in a variety of environments.
  • I SERIES (WR)High performance, high output modular loudspeaker systems with discreet styling in weather-resistant enclosures

Distributed Loudspeakers

COMMUNITY product range covers all indoor applications that require high quality audio with false ceiling, on wall and pendant speakers, subwoofers, etc. for creating seamless, widely-distributed music and voice listening experiences

D SERIES High performance, high-fidelity, architecturally-styled ceiling, surface mount and pendant systems.

Engineered Loudspeakers

COMMUNITY Engineered loudspeaker systems product range covers the most demanding indoor applications that require high volume, highly-articulate sound and elegant installation aesthetics with column type line sources, point source speakers, line arrays, subwoofers, etc.

  • E SERIES Column-format line source and point source loudspeaker systems for a diverse range of applications.
  • I SERIES High performance, high output modular loudspeaker systems with exceptional flexibility and discreet styling.

V SERIES Versatile, cost-effective loudspeaker systems designed for small to medium-sized venues.


The professional loudspeakers by COMMUNITY can be installed in

  • bars & coffee shops
  • meeting rooms
  • auditoriums
  • conference rooms
  • hotels
  • athletic venues
  • metro and train stations
  • airports
  • outdoor installations
  • ships
  • public buildings
  • houses of worship

Why Choose ABAS

Our 40-year experience and expertise, partnered with technical support teams and the use of cutting edge technology, guarantees that ABAS will provide you with reliable systems and products that can meet all the requirements of the largest and most complex projects.

ABAS, alongside its fully dedicated and specialized department will take over and carry out your project from A to Z. Our team will design the system, supply, install and configure the products and commit to constant after sales support in order to give you the ideal solution, tailor-made to your specific type of business and budget our team. Always taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each system, ABAS will provide excellent results wherever needed.