By definition, an enterprise automation system refers to the automatic and electronic control of a company’s features, activity, and appliances through touch screen panels, tablets and smartphones. ABAS is a certified representative and installer of CRESTRON USA Automation Systems, the only company that delivers truly integrated technology for every space, with great dynamics and functionality as well as reliability with thousands of facilities worldwide.

Upgrade your business with a cost-effective and energy-efficient technology that works for you with multiple capabilities that can be adapted to your needs. Control the audio, video projection, distribution of 4K video signals, adjust lights and curtains, and offer your business customers fully automated conference rooms, all through Crestron’s sleek touch screens or your mobile device.

ABAS designs, supplies and installs complete enterprise automation systems that can control the following, seamlessly from the same platform.


Sound is the most important element of any space. If you can’t clearly hear and understand everyone in the room or on the phone, nothing else matters. Crestron makes it easy to get the best audio experience in every space across your company.


Streaming with zero lag, uncompressed 4K video complemented by high quality audio, on any or all your company’s screens, including remote locations. Facilitate your meetings by installing a high-resolution wireless presentation system so participants can easily view their files from their laptop, tablet or even smartphone directly on the projector screen.


Crestron lighting control fully integrates with HVAC systems and motorized shades, enabling you to create intelligent routines. You can perfectly balance natural light, electric light and room temperature to provide a comfortable work environment and energy efficient building.


Intuitive, sophisticated climate control for every room is easy with Crestron. Dynamic temperature controls intelligently adjust to maintain maximum comfort and automated scheduling capabilities ensure ease of use.

Video Conference

Scalable, easy-to-use videoconferencing systems from Crestron deliver secure, low-latency, low-bandwidth communications for a stable connection anywhere across the globe. Videoconference in real-time on a conference room display while using the room’s camera, microphone, and speakers for an immersive experience offering full compatibility with leading solutions.

Room Scheduling

With direct, secure connection to the most popular enterprise calendaring platforms, Crestron makes it simple and convenient to locate and book available meeting spaces from anywhere you are: in the hallway; in the room; or on the app.


Creston offers best in class technology to assure every aspect of your company’s security, in one smart security system. Fingerprint locks, app-controlled gates and a system that works seamlessly across every touch point. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Crestron’s commitment to security. No other company can say the same.

Centralized Management & Control

The world-class Enterprise Management System (EMS) from Crestron delivers superior, reliable control and management of all the technologies on your enterprise right to your computer. Turn off the lights in unused rooms, track energy usage throughout the building, and troubleshoot the blanked display in the conference room down the hall without even leaving your office.


The Industry Standard Automation System for Bussineses

ABAS is a proud certified distributor & and installer of CRESTRON USA automation systems, the only company that provides truly integrated technology for any space with high functionality and reliability.

CRESTRON has thousands of installations worldwide in office applications and offers an ideal technological integrated solution, by combining the control of audiovisual, conference, lighting, shading, temperature, security and other systems in office areas, all in one platform so that you may have complete control in a smart, yet easy and simple way.

Why Choose ABAS

Our 40-year experience and expertise, partnered with technical support teams and the use of cutting edge technology, guarantees that ABAS will provide you with reliable systems and products that can meet all the requirements of the largest and most complex projects.

ABAS, alongside its fully dedicated and specialized department will take over and carry out your project from A to Z. Our team will design the system, supply, install and configure the products and commit to constant after sales support in order to give you the ideal solution, tailor-made to your specific type of business and budget our team. Always taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each system, ABAS will provide excellent results wherever needed.