An industrial public address and voice alarm system is installed in various industrial applications and allows a single user or group of users to address employees with the use of a microphone or prerecorded messages, through installed loudspeakers. It must be specifically developed for continuous use in very aggressive operating environments with high noise levels, scorching temperatures, corrosive atmospheres and highly abrasive dust.

An industrial public address and voice alarm system has to work when needed, meaning during an emergency – and, therefore, all its components are fully monitored at all times,( the microphones, processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers, cablings, etc). so at all times the user will know that it is operating ok or if not, the user will be notified in time in order to repair it. The system is also backed up by batteries so even during a mains failure, the system will continue to operate.

Certified Industrial Public Address & Voice Alarm System

Every public address and voice alarm system that is installed throughout the EU, has to comply with the European standard for Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems EN54.

Specifically the EN54-16 indicates the requirements for Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment, the EN54-24 is applicable to voice alarm loudspeakers and the EN54-4 for the Power supply equipment.


Industry standard Industrial Public Address & Voice Alarm System

ABAS is the exclusive representative for Greece and Cyprus of the leading UK voice alarm system designer and manufacturer ASL CONTROL, a key manufacturer of advanced technology public address and voice alarm systems, renowned for their high reliability, compatibility, and flexibility.

ASL CONTROL products, are fully certified to the EN54 standards and have hundreds of worldwide industrial installations, in power plants, nuclear plants, chemical plants, factories,manufacturing plants, metal refineries, and other similar projects.

Why Choose ABAS

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