Our Invisible Speakers are designed specifically for commercial applications. The integrated enclosure minimizes sound spill to adjoining rooms, while the selectable voltage taps adjust the volume at each speaker, ensuring the perfect level is achieved at every location.

The speaker is placed in plaster or plasterboard ceiling or wall and normal brick wall (in special housing) and then it is treated like a common wall.

In that way, we create a high quality completely invisible Hi-Fi speaker with wide dispersion and crystal clear sound, good performance at low frequencies.

The Hi-Fi invisible flat panel speaker can be placed in facilities that require invisible speakers!

The AI-64M speaker of ELAB Italy is 2-way, high power 110W MAX with two special drivers for low and high frequencies.

Alternatively, the speaker INVISIO-340 της DETOMA Germany has smaller size, with one wide frequency range driver, power 50W, 100Hz-18KHz response and is suitable for smaller spaces.

They are suitable all kinds of applications in offices, shops, exhibitions, houses with stereo and Dolby surround sound and wet areas such as indoor swimming pools, spa, saunas, and bathrooms. 2 special housings are available, for wall or ceiling drywall and brick wall in which placed. The speakers can also operate at 100V audio distribution system by adding 100V line transformer.

The invisibe subwoofer INVISO-800 of DETOMA Germany is the unique solution to hide a subwoofer inside a wall or ceiling or inside a false ceiling!! It gives high power of 200 watt and provides excellent sound amlification to the low frequency range 30Hz – 90Hz. It is an excellent solution, combined with the above speakers for Dolby surround or Hi-Fi systems.

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