Big LED Screen Wall for outdoor and indoor applications.

LED video walls consist of many special color LED panels which are installed together creating a large high resolution and brightness projection surface with seamless image without any gaps, in which high resolution video content is played

The most common uses of LED video wall screens are in advertising, digital signage, for corporate use and live broadcast of sporting events and also in critical areas such as control rooms.

LED video wall screens have several advantages over video wall systems with a combination of screens, such as the completely seamless image without frames or gaps, providing a uniform image that is not interrupted at all, have high brightness so they can operate in daylight conditions, are waterproof for direct installation outdoors and operation in any weather conditions and have a solid construction for continuous uninterrupted operation 24/7 or 14/7.

The surface of the LED video wall can be configured in almost any size, layout and shape, depending on the requirements of each application.

The LED video wall screen is driven by a computer and processing system, called the video wall controller, so that it can play videos in any size, resolution and in any environmental conditions. A complete LED video wall system can offer performance, flexibility and interactivity, much better than common solutions.


LED Video Wall Applications

LED Video Wall may apply in:

  • department stores
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • cinema complexes
  • exhibitions
  • schools
  • libraries
  • office buildings
  • museums
  • stadiums
  • medical facilities
  • airports
  • train and bus stations
  • banks
  • auto dealerships


LED Video Wall Characteristics

Some key product features are:

  • Ultra simple design for quick and easy installation
  • Reliable product for a safe and quick return on investment
  • Die-cast modules for lightness and easy support
  • High quality SMD LEDs for maximum brightness, uniformity and contrast
  • Various resolutions available on the basis of the same mechanics
  • Front or rear maintenance

Why Choose ABAS

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