Choosing the right processional audio products will give perfect results to any demanding audio installation. This choice will ensure continuous and trouble free use. ABAS is the exclusive distributor in Greece of MONACOR Germany, a reliable and reputable manufacturer and dealer,  that operates worldwide and has a complete catalogue of more than 4,500 products of audio, electronics, tools and accessories.

Monacor Product Range

The broad product range of MONACOR includes solutions in audio technology, stage technology, an extensive range of accessories and electronic components.

  • Amplifiers for Public Address or Hifi
  • Speakers for Public Address or Hifi for indoor or outdoor use
  • Mixers and consoles for a perfect sound output
  • Audio and media players
  • Audio network technology with versatile possibilities
  • Microphones and Headphones
  • Signal processing
  • Audio systems for voice alarm applications
  • Volume controls and accessories
  • Conference and Tour Guide Systems
  • Portable PA Systems
  • Inductive sound systems
  • Megaphones with large selection in various designs
  • Transport and Storage boxes, racks and accessories
  • Lighting Technology
  • Cables and Plug-in Connectors
  • Energy, Measuring and DIY
  • Stands and holders, Tripods for microphones or speakers
  • Tools, Accessories
  • Loudspeaker components for DIYer

Why Choose ABAS

Our 37-year experience and expertise, partnered with technical support teams and constant in-house system testing, guarantees that ABAS will provide you with reliable, long-lasting MONACOR Professional Audio Systems that can meet all the strict requirements of the largest and most complex projects.

ABAS, alongside its fully dedicated and specialized audio department, with professional audio engineers, will take over and carry out your project from A to Z. From its designing and the supplying of the products, their installation and configuration, till the after sales support, our team will provide you with the ideal solution, tailor-made to your specific type of business and budget. Always taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each system, ABAS will provide excellent sound wherever needed.

Meet Monacor

MONACOR provides sophisticated products for perfect audio technology. Whether you need speakers for your retail store, audio transmission system for a camping site, or public address system for a government building, MONACOR has the right sound solution for every situation. MONACOR can also provide you with modern lighting technology that perfectly brightens your stage.

Event and security technology, occupy two very large areas at MONACOR. But that does not exclude our offers for professionals, DIYers, or craftsmen. From battery charging technology to metrological devices, speaker kits, and soldering accessories, to self-assembly components, there is a wide range of products.

MONACOR brand, IMG STAGELINE, has specialised audio products for events, crystal-clear radio transmission systems, reliable microphone technology, or easy-to-use mixing consoles, with products for musicians, DJs, event organisers, and sound engineers.