A Multi-Room Audio Distribution System, gives the ability to listen to and control your favorite music from everywhere in your house or yacht. The possibilities are endless: Control the music in every room from your smartphone or wall touchpad. Group two or more rooms together to play the same song perfectly synchronised in party mode. Play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune or group all the rooms together for a unique sound experience.

The Multi-Room Audio Distribution System by ABAS can be centralised or decentralised.

Decentralised Multi-Room Audio Distribution System

Whether you want to start a new music system from scratch or upgrade an existing hi-fi set-up, a decentralised multiroom system means adding several wireless or ethernet speakers and streaming devices to your home or yacht. These then communicate with each other and can be controlled via an app on your phone, tablet or computer or even by your voice. You can then create different rooms of music and either play the same track in unison, or play different music in different rooms. Because of its plug & play nature, a decentralised multiroom system is perfectly suitable for ready houses & yachts.

Centralised Multi-Room Audio Distribution System

In the case of a centralised multiroom system, one of the core components that can be used to distribute your favorite music around your home or yacht  is known as a controller. It’s a device that is part multi-channel amplifier, part advanced audio matrix, and part device control system. In other words, it’s the box that all of your favorite audio sources like external CD players, FM tuners, USB sticks, NAS drives and shared media get connected to. It’s smart enough not only to handle playing your music around your home, but also to send the proper commands to play or pause them, to skip forwards or backwards, or to change tracks, stations, to create unique playlists, to add your favorite streams such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tune in and others.

Multi-Room Audio Distribution System Applications

The Multi-Room Audio Distribution Systems by ABAS can be installed in

  • Residencies
  • Yachts

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