ABAS Integrated Systems presents the TELEVIC T-CAM automatic camera tracking system, which offers a professional way of tracking speakers during conferences with high definition quality output, from a camera system that can be seamlessly integrated on existing TELEVIC systems.

The T-CAM system consists of professional PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) moving cameras with FullHD 1080p resolution and large 20x analog and digital zoom. The system works automatically: Each time a speaker presses the button on their conference microphone to speak, at the same time a camera automatically points at and focuses on them to project them up close and personal in high definition quality.

The content received by the T-CAM cameras can be used in the following ways:

  • Can be stored locally or online
  • It can be viewed live on screens located inside the room or in the building
  • It can be broadcast live (live streaming) on ​​online platforms such as e.g. Youtube or Vimeo for remote viewing

The proposal of ABAS in collaboration with TELEVIC, is a fully professional camera tracking solution, as the content of the conferences is recorded correctly in an uncompressed form with very high image quality and close-ups to anyone who has the floor.



TELEVIC Camera Tracking System Advantages

Some of the advantages of T-CAM camera tracking system are:

  • Use of PTZ technology moving cameras with 1080p 3G-SDI high-resolution output, with 20X analog zoom for high definition image output
  • Automatic system operation after its programming, the automatic display of each speaker is done at the same time as the activation of its microphone.
  • Full integration with all TELEVIC conference systems, wired or wireless
  • Multiple systems suitable for any space, regardless of conference room size and number of participants
  • Possibility of future upgrade


TELEVIC Camera Tracking System Applications

  • Municipalities and municipal councils
  • Boards of directors of banks and companies
  • Government meeting rooms
  • Press centers
  • Μedical institutions

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