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The banking and financial institutions sector has its own unique characteristics, needs and challenges that must be carefully considered when designing audio, video, automation systems and integrating different units. The products used must be of high quality and durability, smart and cost effective to really support your daily functions and help improve the performance and growth of your body.

The experience of 40+ years of our company in the field of audiovisual and automation extends from the integration of simple systems to more complex and demanding.

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At ABAS we understand that every project is unique due to the special factors and parameters that characterize each case. Correctly designing a new project is challenging as it requires extended research for the appropriate audio, video or smart automation systems that will cooperate seamlessly, giving the best result possible.

ABAS in-house design team, alongside the best engineering, project management, architectural and design offices in Greece, will develop a custom solution for your particular project based on your needs and our expertise.

Our company exclusively represents leading European and American manufacturers of Audio, Visual and Smart Automations systems, whose products have been proven to be state of the art, high quality, long lasting and have great value for money.

Due to the uniqueness of each project, except from its exclusive partners, ABAS also has strategic partnerships with most top manufacturers, and can supply and install almost any system a client desires.

ABAS has a team of trained engineers who install systems all over Greece and Europe. Our team regularly receives outstanding feedback for their willingness to deliver all projects in 100% trouble free operation and for the respect they show towards our clients.

The configuration of a project, after having gathered all available information, starts in our offices, where our engineer team will study in depth all the details and special needs of the project in order to precisely configure it.

Our specialized engineers and technicians will see through the entire installation, in order to integrate all the separate audio, video and smart automation subsystems into a fully functional and complete system, that will operate seamlessly and hassle-free for life.

ABAS specializes in integrating equipment into one system for complete control. User friendly interfaces are programmed to meet each unique user’s requirements for enhanced convenience.

Upon project completion, clients receive proper training and are walked through the full operation of their system. Further instructions and training from our engineers is available if required.

At ABAS we take pride in prolonging the life of our installations and therefore we offer scheduled maintenance visits and on call repair packages. Our team of dedicated service engineers work tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction even after installations are complete.

Why Choose ABAS

Our certified by ISO 9001 services and technical team will guarantee:

  • A seamless system integration embedded in your current organization’s infrastructure (without interruption of your daily operations).
  • Implementation of all required processes from to start to finish.
  • Assurance of meeting your deadlines.
  • Your dedicated project manager for continuous after sales consulting and support.

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