Configuration & Integration

Complete integration

The configuration of a project, after having gathered all available information, starts in our offices, where our engineer team will study in depth all the details and special needs of the project in order to precisely configure it.

Our specialized engineers and technicians will see through the entire installation, in order to integrate all the separate audio, video and smart automation subsystems into a fully functional and complete system, that will operate seamlessly and hassle-free for life.

ABAS specializes in integrating equipment into one system for complete control. User friendly interfaces are programmed to meet each unique user’s requirements for enhanced convenience.

At ABAS, we are certified for our services according to 9001.

How Can We Help You?

At ABAS, our 40-year experience and expertise have helped us to strongly position and establish our company, in the audiovisual industry, as the market’s leading professional integrators./span>

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